Friday, May 29, 2009

I have a better idea!

Last night some dear friends were packing up to move to another state... the boys and I stopped by to say our last good-byes. The kids played a little and then we all went to get some late night ice cream. When getting in the car, my oldest son said - "Why do we celebrate when people move away? It is sad." I explained that we celebrate our fun times with them.

We went to Cold Stone and the boys were able to get some sorbet and really enjoyed that! As we were getting in the car after saying our last good-bye's... my oldest says

"I have a better idea!"
"How about Cole stays with us, and the rest of them move?"

It was so sweet but really shows how we all feel... WHY do our friends have to move away? I told him that they would come back and visit and now we have a reason to visit Iowa. We have never been to Iowa and my friend tells me that it is only 10 hours away! I see a road trip in our near future!

I sure hope the mattresses fit in the moving truck!

Praying for safe travels today and tomorrow - have asked for the most uneventful road trip ever! You guys deserve it! Miss you already!


Anonymous said...

How precious boys are! Conner was pretty broken when we said "goodbye" this morning. But they all seemed ready to go. And YES the matress fit - yippee :-) They were loaded to the gills - YIKES. I should have taken a picture it was crazy! I agree with you - they will be deeply missed. Have a great weekend :-)

Lauren said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog and saying Hi! I hope that you are encouraged today, because you encourgaed me!

sara said...

That is a good idea - why didn't he mention it when we were still in the driveway?