Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life with boys... and a sick mom

Earlier this week I took a little trip to the hospital with abdominal pain... which turned into a 2.5 day stay at the "resort". Meanwhile, hubby had to take care of the boys while Mom was away. As far as I can tell, they were fed, clothed appropriately, and taken care of... but I think we would all agree, it just wasn't the same without Mom. They boys came to visit me at the "resort" each night and it was about all we could do to convince them that they could not stay and sleep on the sofa. There were soccer games, mandatory parent meetings, kids appts, a night out with the girls, and so many other things going on, it just wasn't a good week for mom to get sick! I was forced to slow down and just let others take care of me.

My youngest son asked my husband what he could do to show him he was responsible enough to have a cell phone! He is in 2nd grade! 2nd graders don't need cell phones. He rationalized it like this... if he had a cell phone, then dad could call him and tell him when Mom was getting out of the hospital. Awww, how sweet is he? Still, Dad did not let him have a cell phone. I did email his teacher that day and asked her to tell him that Mom was leaving the hospital... that was about as close as he was going to get!

In looking back on the whole thing... I took some time to reflect on everything I am grateful for... here are just a few:
- Hospital facilities with well trained doctors and nurses.
- Wonderful friends and family and their kind thoughts and prayers.
- That I didn't have to have an operation.
- Home cooked food - I am so glad I don't have to eat at the hospital cafeteria all the time - I would most certainly lose those last few pounds!
- My boys love me and miss me when I am away.
- Life is so precious - don't ever take it for granted. Live every day like it is your last!
- Stop putting off all those things that need to get done, and just do them!
- God is in control, he was there in the waiting for test results, he was there through all my pain, he was my comforter, my rock, my healer, my everything.

While we were waiting for test results in the ER, I just kept cyring... and hubby would ask what was wrong? I told him... Moms are supposed to be the ones who take care of others... Mom's aren't supposed to get sick! (but it is nice to know that when they do, there are people who take care of them!)


the peterson family said...

hope you're feeling better...sorry to hear you are sick.

Amanda said...

But mums do need some time out, too! God bless and heal you...

Michelle Riggs said...

So glad you are home, Hospitals are no fun.

Praying you are healed and feeling better.

thank you so much for the links!