Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthdays in... Kansas?

Well at least it felt like Kansas with all the wind... I think we even saw Dorothy's house fly by!

Last weekend we decided to meet in Castle Rock at a park to celebrate my Mom & Brother-in-law's birthdays. Dave and Daniel had gone up earlier to ride in the Elephant Rock Ride - their mountain bike course was approx 30 miles long. Daniel was such a trooper - climbing hills and keeping up with his dad. They finished in a little over 3 hours and then met us at the park for lunch.

Papa kept saying - "The cold front is moving in" but little did we know how big of a front was moving in. Just about the time the chicken was finishing up on the grill, it got so windy, we had to quickly pack everything up and throw it into the cars! Half of us hadn't eaten, and we didn't get a chance to exchange gifts, so we ended up at Red Robin instead. That was the same day there were tornados in south Denver - no wonder it was so windy!

Before the storm ruined our picnic, the kids had a great time playing at the park...
Andrew acting like a monkey!

Zoe liked going down the slide...
but she had to be sitting on Aunt Becky's lap!

Danny swinging high!

Zoe swinging too!
Check out the clouds behind her!

Aunt Kristi & Abrielle swinging

Even the BIG KID had some fun!

Abrielle loves balloons just like her sister!

What a couple of goofballs!

Birthday boy enjoying his sundae - Happy Birthday Tim!

Papa & Nana - Happy Birthday Nana!


tiffrutherf said...

Too cute, I can see the storm in back on the kids pics...Looks like you had a blast!

Kelly said...

WOW! Those clouds looks scary! But you can never go wrong with Red Robin :-) Looks like everyone enjoyed the party!! Let' sget together now that we are back from AZ! Take care see you on Sunday,

sara said...

Your neices sure are cute! I can see why you love em so mcuh!

Way to go Dave & Danny! 30 miles!?