Friday, August 14, 2009

just brush the teeth you want to keep...

Is it just me or do other mom's have to remind their kids over and over and over again to brush their teeth? I tell them... "You just have to brush the ones you want to keep!" It always feel we are running out of time before the bus arrives and I have to quickly send them upstairs to get their teeth brushed before they head out the door. For once, it would be nice if they just went upstairs and did what they were asked without playing, distracting each other, or getting into a fight! Ah... Life with boys!

Today my youngest son (who has ADHD) decided he was going to put on a show for me when I asked him to brush his teeth. He was being just plain silly! Being the mom that I am... I told him to stop playing and start brushing! Then afterwards... I thought, why are we always in a hurry? My son has the right idea... to add some FUN to a boring every day activity! Why do we just have to brush our teeth... it is soooo boring! Why not liven things up a bit? Normally I have them hum a tune like "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" or something while they are brushing their teeth, but we have gotten out of that routine. It gets them to do it longer than 20 seconds and they have fun while they are brushing.

We all should take a lesson from my son... why live your life just going through the motions? Why not mix things up a bit and take an every day activity and make it FUN? What are you going to do to have some FUN today?


Penny Williams said...

well said. adding fun to things is just one gift of ADHD.

Anonymous said...

I love the post! What a great reminder! Our kids have to clean their bathroom, scrub the toilet, clean the mirror, scrub the tub & sink and then wash the floor. I used to get to stressed because it took them at least an hour. But I had to learn that it is NOT a race. They play a game while they clean. Not sure exactly what the game is - but they have a BLAST! And although it gets more dirty as they clean - once they are finished it is spotless!! Thanks for reminding me to enjoy this time - because it will soon be gone! And if they are doing their jobs with a joyful heart why do I care how long it takes!?!

Hartley said...

I stumbled on your blog today and thought I would leave you a comment. :)
My boys love the teethbrushing routine (all three of them!) and we too do the singing. One of our favorite things is that we have toothbrushes that have little lights in them that help keep time (they flash for a minute and then turn off so you know how long you have brushed). At night, we turn on the brushes and turn out the lights and brush in the near dark.
It is hysterical to watch them watching themselves in the mirror. They are so pleased with themselves!
Good luck with your boys!