Wednesday, September 23, 2009

working on a project...

Last week I got the opportunity to hear Rhonda Anderson - founder of Creative Memories - speak at a local hotel. She is so down to earth and her passion for telling stories and leaving a legacy is contagious. She has recently come out with a book to help you tell your stories and I ordered it as fast as I could. I have been wanting to do something for my kids that tells them how special they are and how much I love them. The lightbulb went off and I can't wait to find some time to get started on this project.

Our world is so full of negativity that our kids have got to feel defeated on a regular basis. I try to lift them up and encourage them, but sometimes the negative world has taken over their self-talk. I hear my kids say things about themselves that just aren't true, but are clearly the result of living in this world... I am stupid, I don't have any friends, no one loves me, etc. I think that having ADHD makes it harder to fight off the negative self talk.

So here is my project... I am going to make a small album (if I can keep it small) about each of my kids... to tell them how special and unique they are, how much their parents love them, and just celebrate their personality, ADHD and their life! I want it to be a comfort to them when they have a bad day. A reminder that they are special and loved. AND hopefully begin to combat the negative self talk and replace it with positive statements about themselves.

I have begun making a list of all the positive qualities of my kids, and notes about stories that help demonstrate some of these qualities or their fun personalities. I will post a link to my album online once I finish it. I am doing it all digitally online, so it should be quick and easy!

Anyone else want to join me in celebrating their child's life? If you need help getting started, email me at I would be happy to help!

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kg said...

When my son was about 9 and we were having a VERY challenging time, I made an ABC album, and each letter had a characteristic of him, with pictures. It was amazing--the love I felt for him after going through pictures, pondering his strengths, and doing this labor of love. He is 13 now and still gets it out and laughs with me over it.