Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taking the plunge! ADHD Support Group

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason... sometimes it is hard to know or understand what that reason could be, but I trust God and I know he will guide my path.

I have felt all along that having a son diagnosed with ADHD happened for a reason. We have been through so much with the school, teachers, therapy, doctors, medications, etc. - that if my experiences could in some way help other families, it would somehow be part of a bigger plan. I have been thinking about starting an actual ADHD Support Group locally since it is a HUGE need and there currently are none that I could find. A couple months ago, I even requested an information packet from CHADD (National Organization for ADD/ADHD) about starting a support group. It has been sitting in a pile of "Things to do when I get the time" for quite a few weeks now. I have really felt the Lord nudging me towards taking action on the application and Beth Moore has sealed it for me these last couple weeks in my Esther Bible Study. For the last 3 weeks after Bible Study, I have said, "I am going to fill out that paperwork and send it in tomorrow"... and then life happens and I forget.

Well today, I got an email from someone who ran across my ADHD Toolbox Blog entry and asked about "that support group" that I mentioned. We had been meeting with the Parent-to-Parent Trainer for a few months but have not been meeting these last two months. OK Lord... I pulled out the paperwork and filled it out the best I could. Tomorrow I need to look for a location and date/times, but then I am mailing the paperwork off (by the end of the week at the latest!)

I keep wondering if I am the right person to start this group, but any parent who has gone through life with an ADHD child is qualified to host a group where parents can get together and share their challenges and successes and encourage one another. I realized that I don't have to know it all and I can find others to talk to the group or share information with them. I trust that God will continue to bring the right people & resources to assist me with this support group... therefore, I am taking the plunge! I will be the Facilitator for the Colorado Springs CHADD Satellite ADHD Parent Support Group.

We are getting ready to take the CHADD Parent-to-Parent Class in a couple of weeks. It starts on March 18th and meets every Wednesday for 6 weeks. I am looking forward to learning more from an organization who has helped so many kids and families and a fellow Mom who has been through life with ADHD. Email me if you are interested in either the Colorado Springs ADHD Support Group or the Parent-to-Parent Class at and I will send you more details.

If you know anyone in Colorado Springs that would be interested in an ADHD Support Group, please feel free to share my blog and/or email address with them. We would love to have them in our group!


tiffrutherf said...

You go girl!! Yes you are the "one" because God has put it on your heart, and he KNOWS you can do this. Just think "if nobody did nothing we wouldn't have anything for anyone (LOL)". Its gotta start somewhere...WHY NOT WITH YOU!!

Ps. I'll email you about the recipes.

melodie said...

Alright!! I am so happy that you heard God's call and answered Him. I will pray that He continues to lead you. I am loving your blog more and more.