Monday, May 25, 2009

Life with boys... camping in the rain

Life with boys... camping is quite an experience. If you have never taken young boys camping, then you are missing out! We hooked up the camper and headed for Taylor Reservoir for the Memorial Day Weekend. As we drove up Cottonwood Pass, it started to rain and it barely stopped the whole weekend! Life with boys... couped up in a camper... oh fun! Then when the rain did stop for a few minutes... it became LIFE WITH MUDDY BOYS!

We did manage to spend a little time outside at the campfire on Sunday night.

Here are the highlights of Life with boys... and camping in the rain...

If there is a "BUMP" sign, there is probably a big bump and you should slow down!

Lots of earthworms all over the ground... fun to jump on and squish them!

Running water is always like a magnet to boys and no matter how many times mom said to stay out of the water, they somehow seem to get wet!

Don't let the dog in your sleeping bag, or you will be stuck with just the blanket and freeze all night!

Crocs and mud do not mix... but at least they are easier to clean!

Andrew came in with mud all over his feet and when I asked what happened, he said that he was trying to keep up with his brother so he "had" to run in the mud... which just squished through the holes in his crocs into his toes... which resulted in a prompt soaking of his litle muddy feet in the little tub.

Earthworms are fun to throw into the campfire - thanks Dad!
(look closely on top of the grate in the middle of the picture)

Roasted marshmallows are the BEST!

When playing outside and mom yells your name, run the other direction and act like you didn't hear her!

When dad whistles, you'd better come a running!

Mom says "If you are taking your cars outside, make sure not to get them dirty." sounds much different to a kid... "Sure you can take your cars outside and play in the mud with them!"


Danny got his first taste of fly fishing with real waders & boots in the stream... and it wasn't 5 minutes before he had taken his first fall and had filled his hip waders with water! Then it was just COLD! He hooked a BIG ONE... but held onto the line when it tried to swim away and SNAP... the fish was gone! :(

BE PREPARED when going out of the camper. Just because the rain has stopped, doesn't mean it will not start again! Always wear your raincoat!

The boys talked Dad into going back over Cottonwood Pass (dirt/muddy road) and thought that all the mud splashing all over the truck and camper was way cool!

Star Wars noises in the car... can get really annoying!

Lesson reinforced... ALWAYS bring extra socks, pants, and shoes!!!

Papa's new saying... "that's howie do it!"

Nana is the best grandma ever!

Camping is always best in beautiful Colorado Mountains!

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Kelly said...

OH my goodness how BRAVE you are!! Yup I saw that snow in the background - YIKES!!! Wasn't there a hotel near by - that's how WE camp -tee hee hee. So you didn't tell us how tasty that worm was...YUMMO! I'm thinking a new Rachel Ray recipe coming our way soon! Great pictures - and with "no thumbs or fingers".