Monday, May 25, 2009

Survival Camp

Last weekend was a momentous occassion for our family... our oldest son spent the weekend away from home at "Survival Camp." He has spent the night at a friends house before, but that was never very far away from home. He went to Camp Elim which is about 1 hour from our house up in the mountains. I think I was the one who was the most nervous about the whole thing. I really wanted him to have a good time and enjoy camp. I have such good memories of camp from my childhood and I just wanted him to have a fun time!

Here he is with his buddies - getting ready to get on the bus, with his counselor standing in the background... boy was he in for tiring weekend!

He really enjoyed the zip-line... and took a picture of his friend Connor on the zip-line complete with a finger shadow in the upper right corner.

He really enjoyed hanging out with his friends from church - here he is with Zach.

And Connor - they spent alot of time together - photo by Daniel

Survival Camp Group Picture

And who could forget his favorite Sunday School Teacher... photo by Daniel

We had sent him with two disposable cameras to take pictures while at camp... and out of the 54 pictures, we got about 16 which were even visible. Apparently he thought the little hole in the front of the camera (the actual camera lens) was a place to put his finger... so we had a lot of pictures of his finger! Thank goodness his counselor explained it to him, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten any pictures from his trip!

He had such a good time and can't wait to go back again next year!

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