Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ADHD Magazines

This weekend while we were stuck in the camper and it was raining outside, I had a wonderful opportunity to get some reading done that I had been meaning to do for months! I am currently subscribed to two ADHD Magazines:

1) Attention Magazine http://chadd.org
Specific for CHADD members, this magazine is produced six times per year. Articles include topics varying from parenting to treatment to coping strategies. Attention keeps readers updated on the latest information, research, background and issues relating to AD/HD.

Here is a list of the other benefits of being a CHADD member:

Since the magazine is part of the CHADD Membership, you can only access the featured article online unless you are a member. Members have access to all previous issues and articles. Here is a link to the featured article from Attention Magazine:


2) ADDitude http://www.additudemag.com/
Additude Magazine provides daily updates on its website in addition to a newsletter and quarterly magazine subscription. Complete with blogs and expert advice, Additude provides well-organized, informational resources with specific sections for parents and their children.

Article #1 - 7 Quick Fixes for ADHD Meltdowns
There were a couple of strategies here that we will be trying since meltdowns are something we struggle with on a daily basis and in certain weekly situations. I'll keep you posted!

Article #2 - The Truth About Your ADHD Child's Lying
This gave me a different outlook on the lies that I sometimes get from my son. "Some ADHD kids are not dishonest, but victims of uncontrolled symptoms. A better treatment plan may put an end to the untruths." So many times I take the lie at face value and don't take a step back and look for a possible cause for the lie so that I can help him avoid additional lies which are a result of his ADHD symptoms.


Carina said...

Hi Becky!

I saw your comment on Lauren's blog (I came there through Angie's blog too.) and noticed that you mentioned that your youngest had been diagnosed with ADHD. My youngest son was also recently diagnosed with ADHD (His dad has dealt with ADHD his whole life, so the diagnosis wasn't a huge shock) and I suspect my oldest daughter has a mild form of it as well. (She is just so sweet that teachers have let her fall though the cracks.)

Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" to a fellow sister in Christ who is going through similar issues!


kg said...

Thanks for the tip Becky. I checked and the PPLD library carries ADDITUDE! We are having tons of problems with lying right now and trying to figure out how much is teen "stuff" and how much is ADHD, so this article was informative to me.