Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life with boys... baseball

My youngest son is playing baseball in the local park & rec league this year. He is so proud of his uniform - team shirt, baseball pants, team hat... and his "protective gear." The coach recommended that we get him some protection since the kids are getting older and hitting harder. This morning as we were getting reay for Occupational Therapy, he asked if he could wear his uniform to show them. I agreed and told him he didn't need to wear his cup. He proceeded to tell me that he wanted to wear it, so he could take it out and show it to his therapist. I had to explain that we don't show other people our "cup" and that it was kind of like underwear - it is something we keep to ourselves!

Ah... Life with boys!

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Anonymous said...

Great story! Kids are so fun :-D Never a "dull" moment! We are the Cottonwood Blue Jays. That would be fun if we played each other. Did you all sign up for VBS - I didn't see the boys? Have a great week!