Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where's the bunny?

A few weeks ago, we had a bunny in our backyard trying to dig a burrow in the kids sandbox. I chased him off, filled up the hole but within an hour he was back digging again. This time I let our dog, Colby, out to meet our new visitor. Colby is a whippet and just like all other sight-hounds they love a good chase! He ran as fast as he could, but the bunny was faster and he slid under the fence and out of the back yard just like Peter Rabbit leaving McGregor's Garden! A little later in the day, the bunny was back and since it was obvious that the bunny was too fast for him, I let Colby out and he chased him again. The bunny has been back to visit several times since then and everytime, Colby gives it his best shot, but he just can't turn as fast as the bunny and loses speed when the bunny changes course. It is rather humorous to watch as he tries to turn sharp at a high speed in the rocks... almost like in a cartoon!

We just realized that he has associated the word "bunny" with the actual chasing of the bunny and will get all excited and go to the back door and look for the bunny! So any word that sounds like bunny... money, funny, sunny - all get a perk of his cute little ears! But when you say "Where's the bunny?" - he gets so excited that he is shaking with anticipation of the chase!

I am not sure what he would do with it if he ever actually caught that bunny! I think he just wants to play with the bunny! Several years ago, we had a birds nest and a baby bird had jumped from it's nest a little early and was just laying in the grass. We didn't realize it when we let Colby outside, but we soon found him lying next to the bird, just licking the baby bird and giving it a bath. It was so sweet.

I am wondering if the bunny has finally figured it out, because we haven't seen him in a couple of days. Where's Peter Rabbit? Where's that rascally rabbit? Where's the bunny?

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